Teaser Trailer – Part 1

February 20, 2006

It shows a typical suburb with modest sized homes. But has three homes and at least one pool – he is not a poor man.

He is trying to explain to another man (in an office setting) about his living situation, and they look perplexed. A woman spells it out to the bemused man (presumably after Bill has left the scene” – “they’re polygamists! – its something not natural”

We learn from all of this that the Henrickson family live in a typical neighbourhood, but live anything but typical lives.

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February 18, 2006

There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding HBO’s new television show “Big Love.” The program is the first in TV history – an ongoing drama centered around the practice of polygamy (a man having more wives than one).

I’ve started this journal in an attempt to let those interested in the show into a real knowledge perspective of the practice of plural marriage from someone involved in that ‘lifestyle’, giving a Mormon Fundamentalist perspective on news, episodes and others views on “Big Love.”

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LDS Church Statement

January 20, 2006

Church spokeswoman Kim Farah says, “Polygamy was officially discontinued in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) in 1890. Those groups which continue the practice in Utah and elsewhere have no association (with us) and most of their practitioners have never been among our members. It will be regrettable if this programme, by making polygamy the subject of entertainment, minimises the seriousness of that problem.”
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